Sykes Maintenance Coordinator Vansant VA in Vansant, Virginia

Maintenance Coordinator Vansant, VA

This position is primarily responsible for working and coordinating the day-to-day facility maintenance, cleanliness, and control of environmental, safety, redundant power, and security systems.


Adherence to SYKES policies on ethics and integrity.

Maintain facility cleanliness including, but not limited to carpets, fixtures, restrooms, lunchroom, grounds, and other employee commons areas.

Daily trash pick-up from offices, workstations, and commons areas (inside and outside).

React to non-routine custodial needs such as spills, water leaks, (includes roof), employee illness, or accidents.

Coordinates activities with facility service sub-contractors and supply vendors including point of contact, quotations, service delivery, insect spraying, snow removal, and other misc. items.

Provide a communications point for maintenance sub-contractors and supply vendors for quotations, delivery sign-offs, all annual service agreements, and product or work inspection.

Monitors and provides for routine and non-routine service support to facility systems including back-up generators, security alarms, fire protection, sprinkler systems, and heating/air systems to include filter maintenance.

Maintenance logs along with emergency, after-hours, points of contact should be developed and kept up to date at all times.

Provide/Track guidance to Maintenance Assistant(s) in tasking and performance review commentary on their work to the site manager.

Responsible for 24 X 7, on-call, emergency response for seriously malfunctioning facility equipment or maintenance systems.

May perform other duties as needed.